Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My formal introduction

Dear Gentle Reader,

I should introduce myself so then you will get to know who I am.  I am a 15 year old home educated student who strives to follow the Lord Jesus Christ the best that I can. In the past year, I did the 30 hour famine and raised $2,622.00 for World Vision Canada in which I proceeded to break an international world breaking record for the most money raised for the famine in the history of World Vision!  (by the way)  this year I did the famine on my 15th birthday which I celebrated while doing a famine on April 22nd and I am going to receive a plaque for my major accomplishment.  On April 26th I did the heritage fair for the Moncton Christian Home Educators and was praised highly for my project on Richard Bedford Bennett: New Brunswick's Native Prime Minister of Canada now this comes into my story a little bit later on.

Then I went to the regional heritage fair for all the homeschoolers on May 14th, 2010 and  my project and I were judged by two judges.  Then in the evening we went back to the heritage fair for the ceremony where they announced the winners.  I remember sitting in the pew with my good friend Joseph.  I leaned over and asked Joseph "when do they announce the winner of the trip to Caraquet?"  Joseph responded by saying to me and said "they always announce the trip to Caraquet last"  and by then all the awards I thought I would win had all been won by other people competing and I felt that this year wasn't my year to win anything (by the way) this was my 1st year doing the heritage fair. 

Then they announced the trip to Caraquet the lady called out the winning project she said "the judges said the best project was a very hard decision to make and there were many amazing projects and then they announced the winner of the project that had been selected was Richard Bedford Bennett: New Brunswick's Native Born Prime Minister of Canada."  I walked to the front where I got my picture with the lady who gave out the award.  On my way down the MC for the event said "I think Jordan is a little bit too excited"  why she said that was because by accident I ran into our friends pew instead of our own. 

Now I will, get into a little more details about a very special event that the general public is invited to attend.  On Sunday June 27th, 2010 at 11 am there is an award ceremony to celebrate the great achievements that 17 students (16 public school students, and myself being the only home educated student) have accomplished.  When I get more information such as location I will post it here on the blog.  As far as I know now the Lieutenant Governor Graydon Nicholas.

I hope that as you read my blog and all about my daily experiences you will be amused.

Thank you,

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